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New brand label for food producers in the North Sea Region

New brand label for food producers in the North Sea Region

Crops grown in saline affected soils may have particular qualities and attributes that need to be recognised. For this purpose the SalFar project partner Food & Bio Cluster Denmark has developed a brand label for food producers in the North Sea Region.

This label specifically identifies foods and products which have been produced sustainably from saline affected areas. In this way, farmers can label their products to assure the customer that with this purchase she/he contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change in the North Sea Region.

‘You can Make a Difference’

People want to be able to make a difference. They are often frustrated by not knowing how. This branding makes a promise to the consumer and user that by buying the food or food product to which this branding is applied they are:

  • supporting existing employment and helping to create new jobs.
  • assisting with water conservation.
  • helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • assisting in the development of sustainable agricultural methods.
  • helping to ensure that farmland, affected by climate change, will remain in production.
  • helping to provide practical solutions for real problems.
  • assisting in creating food security for the future.
  • supporting food producers in the North Sea Region.

The Logo Design


The logo contains and builds on a number of elements common throughout the countries of the North Sea Region (NSR). They include among others:

  • sea and land which both define the region and affect each other.
  • the birds, Oystercatchers, live on the interface between land and sea. They travel freely between and connect all the countries of the NSR.
  • a stylised plant, flourishing, in a saline environment.
  • the colours. They implicitly offer reassurance and are representative of the natural world and the NSR – sea, sky and sunshine.

Use of the Logo

The logo does not and should not stand alone. The SalFar brand is a label, which supports and reinforces existing brands and the brand values of food producers throughout the North Sea region. Its purpose is to inform users and consumers of the provenance of the products and the sustainability of the production methods used.

The logo can be used alongside other labelling. e.g the Fairtrade logo, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel. As an addition, the amusement of the Oystercatcher holding the logo, when used appropriately, assists in raising awareness of the brand and enhances the profile of the logo (it is available both left & right facing).

Criteria for Use

In this context we define sustainable production as enabling or maintaining food production in areas that are otherwise unsuitable for growing food due to increased soil salinity and without using additional fresh water or causing further environmental damage.
To use this brand label on food products they must be grown or produced in the North Sea Region and one or more of the following criteria must also be met:

  • the crops have been irrigated with brackish water.
  • the crops have been produced in saline affected soil.
  • the crops have been produced using saline-grown feed for animal production (feed or pasture).
  • the crops have been fertilised with seaweed.
  • the products have been produced from ingredients conforming to the above criteria

Read the SalFar Brand Book here, for further information about the brand label and download the logo files here.

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